What does “Your profile is x% complete” mean? / Why should my profile be 100% complete?

It is important to have a complete profile on FPSJOB as it increases your chance of recruiters noticing and your profile and contacting you. For example, recruiters are 80% more likely to contact profiles with a CV than profiles without a CV. Each field in your FPSJOB profile has been assigned a certain % weight and completing these fields would increase your overall profile completion percentage. If your profile completion score is less than 100%, it means that some important fields are incomplete in your profile and you need to fill them. We recommend you to have a profile completion score close to 100% so that it gives you the best chance to find a job and get the best results at FPSJOBi. Moreover, keep updating your FPSJOB profile so that recruiters can see your latest accomplishments. This would ensure that you always maintain your edge on FPSJOB and do not miss opportunities.