Top 10 common teaching mistakes for teachers to avoid

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People opting teaching profession purely because they want to make a difference in the society by providing quality education. However, many times even a good teacher can unknowingly make several mistakes. A teacher needs to eliminate these common pitfalls in order to be a good role model for the students and teach them efficiently and effectively.

Here are the top 10 common teaching mistakes for teachers to avoid while teaching in a school:

•    Becoming too much frank
•    Being too easy on discipline
•    Not following a proper plan
•    Avoiding meeting when required
•    Not actively participating in school events
•    Being too hard on students
•    Creating “bookworms”
•    Failing to provide variety in instruction
•    Giving lengthy tests
•    Disrespecting students

01     Becoming too much frank: 

Fresher teachers become so much frank with the students that they damage their ability to control the classroom, which in turn leads the students to be easy with the teacher. It is highly important for a good teacher to be a little tough with the students to earn their respect and appreciation. 

Becoming too much unreserved and open with the students will affect teaching process and harm the reputation too. Also, avoid discussing about other teachers with the students. It undermines the authority of that teacher and taints your credibility.

02     Being too easy on discipline: 

For a plethora of reasons, usually teachers become too easy on discipline with the students from the very beginning of the semester and by the end of the year teacher lose all the respect and discipline from the students. 

It is always recommended to start the process with a tougher side because it allows you to have an enough time to make changes if when required.

03      Not following a proper plan:

A good teacher needs to follow a proper plan while implementing its lesson plans in the classroom.  Many a times, a teacher forget to make a teaching plan for each subject and each class before the beginning of the new classes. This affects the teaching principles and students’ overall performance.

To be an effective teacher, syllabus should be divided in daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans with proper test details. Homework should be planned according to the teaching provided to the students and as per their capability. Keeping everything in the papers is a must for a qualified teacher. Labeled files, folders and cubbies are really important in a teaching environment.
Remember, a neat desk and discipline together make an effective teaching!

04    Avoiding meeting when required

Mostly teachers avoid conducting a meeting with the parents when required to inform them about their child performance and involvement in the class. Parents involvement with the classroom can help you in enhancing the student’s performance and make your job easier by conducting various behaviour programs at home.
Communicating effectively and clearly with the parents from time to time from the very beginning of the semester will make your teaching workflow run more smoothly.

05    Not actively participating in school events

This is the most common pitfall conducted by both new and veteran teachers in a school. Most of the teachers avoid taking part in social events, parties, and other cultural events. These events are really important to get support and get recognized by the other teachers and students. 

Isolating yourself from the important functions is an unhealthy practice and serves as a hindrance to your overall performance. Therefore, participating in all the events and meetings is a quality of a good teacher.

06    Being too hard on students

Being too harsh on the students is one of the most common mistakes conducted by the teachers. Physical punishment has no place in the school and will create a long-term problem for you. Don’t keep the students within the four walls of the classroom. Take them out in the open area and stop being hard with them.

Do not give students unnecessary punishments in the class or excessive work in the homework. Maintain a positive relationship with them by teaching them in a professional way.

07    Creating “bookworms”


Most of the teachers teach students only with books and follow the traditional methods of teaching in schools. Hence, it is vital to give them a plethora of experiences to enhance their knowledge and skills. Teaching them with presentations and using other audio-video aids is a good source of effective teaching.

08    Failing to provide variety in instruction

Most of the experienced teachers do not follow a proper plan and teach in a single traditional way that they have been following since decades! These teaching methods needs to be changed to the modern way of teaching to improve teaching-learning process. Using whiteboards, flash cards, slide shows, charts, models, etc are indeed the best way to teach students having different capability and IQ levels. 

Additionally, using several teaching methods such as activity based, group discussion, and much more makes a dramatic impact on the students’ learning and help in avoiding cramming. 

09 Giving lengthy tests

A major mistake by the teachers is that they focus on written knowledge of the students’ apart from their verbal skills and ability. They have a long test to the students on weekly and monthly basis and this gives them a lot of pressure and stress. 

The teacher should give short MCQ based test to evaluate a student’s performance along with some practical tests. 

10 Disrespecting students

It is clearly seen that some teachers whether they are fresher or veteran, they disrespect students emotionally and physically which is not a good quality of a teacher. Being a role model for the kids, they should maintain a professional attitude with the students and treat them equally and respect them in all the ways possible. 

In a crux, a teacher is one of the main pillars in the educational institute and hence, maintain a decorum is highly crucial. A teacher should respect their work and follow certain principles to improve the overall performance of a school. Maintaining honesty and trust is a key factor in learning teaching process.

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