IIT jee Maths faculty job description

  • Tushar Saraf
  • 2023-02-23 05:42:05
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Job Title: IIT JEE Maths Faculty

Job Purpose: The IIT JEE Maths Faculty will be responsible for delivering high-quality mathematics instruction to students preparing for the IIT JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination). The faculty member will be expected to teach and mentor students, develop course materials, and participate in academic planning and decision-making.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Teach and mentor students in mathematics for the IIT JEE Mains + Advance entrance exam, ensuring that they have a deep understanding of the subject matter.
  • Develop course materials, including lesson plans, assignments, and assessments, that align with the JEE curriculum and are engaging and challenging for students.
  • Create and deliver lectures and tutorials, both in person and online, that are effective in promoting learning and understanding.
  • Provide timely feedback to students on their progress, and offer guidance on how to improve their performance.
  • Maintain a high level of academic rigor, ensuring that students are adequately challenged and prepared for the demands of the IIT JEE exam.
  • Collaborate with other faculty members to develop and implement effective teaching strategies and best practices.
  • Participate in academic planning and decision-making, including curriculum development, student assessment, and program evaluation.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in mathematics education and teaching methodologies.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • A graduate from a top engineering college or a Master's degree or Ph.D. in Mathematics from a recognized university or institution.
  • At least 1-5 years of experience teaching mathematics to students preparing for the IIT JEE Mains + Advance entrance exam.
  • Excellent knowledge of the IIT JEE mathematics syllabus, and a deep understanding of the subject matter.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with students and colleagues.
  • Proficiency in the use of technology for teaching and learning, including online platforms and tools.
  • A passion for teaching and mentoring, and a commitment to student success.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, and the ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple responsibilities.
  • A willingness to collaborate with other faculty members, and to contribute to the academic life of the institution.

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