IIT JEE Neet Faculties Salaries In India

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In today's competitive world, the scenario of education has changed over the last few years in India. With this, the financial status of faculties has changed too. They are now getting higher salaries than what they used to get earlier. There were only a few IIT-JEE faculties from two years ago, who were getting a salary of Rs 1 crore annually. As more students are enrolling, the demand for good IIT-JEE faculties is also increasing. So, good packages are being offered to them.


IIT-JEE Faculties are actually role models for their students. They earn much respect from their students. But, there is high competition in this sector. Nowadays, coaching centers are paying even better than corporate ones. If you are working as an IIT-JEE faculty, you'll have the freedom to decide work timings and less stress.


More and more teachers are getting hired with a salary of Rs 1-10 crore per year in the premier coaching centers for IIT-JEE. The salary of a faculty is usually very high in IIT-JEE coaching institutes. But, this job is for someone who has an interest and inclination towards teaching. The biggest challenge you’ll have to face in this job is handling students of different attitudes. Working as an IIT-JEE faculty is one of the best-paid jobs in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India.


Today, there are 50+ people getting more than Rs 1 crore salaries in Kota alone. In other hubs i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, and Patna, faculties would be getting even more. The recruitment for IIT-JEE faculties generally takes place about 3 times every year. And salaries of faculties increase up to 3-4 times within 8 to 10 months of their joining. Coaching institutes want their highly-paid faculty to teach the maximum number of students.


The salary of IIT-JEE faculties depends on the following two factors:



Experience matters a lot when it comes to getting a job as IIT-JEE faculty. If he/she is highly experienced, the salary can be more than 1.5 lacks per month. The higher the experience more will be the salary.


 Style of Teaching

An IIT-JEE faculty is the most valued one of the students under his/her guidance is doing better than that other students.

The business of IIT-JEE coaching is reaching new heights in India in terms of the salary package provided to faculties. Still, there are people who are proving that education is not about money but dedication and hard work.




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