How to Answer: What is your salary expectation

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  • 2020-02-12 07:43:21
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How to answer what is your salary expectation?

The salary-related question is one of the toughest interview questions for a job seeker and theirs no doubt that your current salary affects all future salary hikes. If you ask for too little, you would be shooting yourself in the foot. And if you ask for too much, you'll be out of the job interview. Therefore, you have to answer this question accurately.

What’s the purpose of this interview question?


The purpose of this interview question is clear. Your prospective employer wants to get an idea about how much you’d like to earn. Well, it is a tricky interview question to answer. Your answer to this question will give an idea to the employer about how do you value your work and skills.



A good answer to this interview question depends on the following things


Whether the employer lists the salary offer on a job description or not.

Whether the employer lists the salary offer on a job description or not.

Whether you apply for a job directly through the company, or through a recruitment agency.

Whether the employer asks about your salary expectations in the first round of interview or in the final round.

Whether many candidates applied for the position, or you are the only one in the interview.



• Know your worth First: 

Before sitting in an interview, you must have an idea of what your market value is. It is important to consider your experience, qualifications, skills, certifications etc. You should research other companies to check what they are offering or browse salary sites.


• Provide a Salary Range:

When asked “What are your salary expectations”, you should provide a range rather than saying a single number. This allows the possibility for negotiations with the interviewer.


• Do a Lot of Research: 

Don't sit in the interview without having an idea about the salary range in your industry. It is advisable to do a lot of research. Skip Answering Instantly to this Interview Question: You can avoid answering this question instantly. Instead, you can say this- "I'd like to understand the job responsibility before I think about what I'd earn."


• Consider Your Needs:

 Before you answer this interview question, think about your needs first. Will the salary they are offering to fulfil your specific needs or will it not be enough? If you are not fine with what they are offering, then leave this position and start applying for other jobs. Are you done with the research? Now, you should be confident to answer this interview question without feeling embarrassed. If you know your worth to their company, your interview will more likely pay you what you want. By preparing for this question before entering the interview room, you might get your dream job with a salary you deserve.


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