How To Tackle A Telephonic Interview

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  • 2019-12-26 02:37:59
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The growth of jobs in various cities has prompted the recruiters to organize Telephonic interviews. There are different other reasons for Telephonic interviews such as Job Screening and Cost-saving as well. However, for the candidates, the telephonic interview remains a hurdle or challenge.


The prime reason behind it is the limited scope. Generally, during the face to face interview, a candidate can take the help of gesture and facial expressions to convince the interviewer, but in case of a telephonic round of interview, everything depends on the voice and confidence. It is therefore very important to prepare well for the telephonic interview in order to appear in the face to face where the chances of selection are more.


There are different methods of tackling the telephonic questionnaire but the following are the best tips for telephonic interview.


 Research and Prepare


It is of utmost importance that you prepare for the interview. The best way to do it is to go through the Job Description. Once you read the JD, you must do some research on it. The research helps to expand your horizon of reach of the topic. During the telephonic round, the majority of the questions revolve around the basic need of the job, roles and responsibilities and attitude towards the work. The research thus can be of great help.


• Practice


In case you are not experienced enough to handle such interviews, you can practice. There are different ways to have mock rounds. You can seek help from your friends to ask a set of questions in order to prepare. Practising in front of the mirror can also help. It is a good practice to record the interviews in order to understand the shortcomings.


• Ambience


Ensure the ambience of the interview is suitable. The best place to attend a telephonic interview is a calm and quiet place. You need to ensure that you are at a place which is quiet and free from interferences other things. If you are at home, then let everyone know about the interview and seek help to get an ambience suitable for the interview.


• Calmness


It is often said that calmness can help you overcome big challenges in life. If you are calm during the interview, then no question can create panic. It is not necessary for you to know everything that has been asked. However, if you do not know the answer, then there is no need to panic or bluff. One can simply acknowledge that the answer is unknown to him or her.


• Professionalism


Professionalism is highly required at this stage. The effort is even larger as you are not in front of the interviewer. It is important to understand that you will create an impression in front of the interviewer just by your voice and professionalism. Proper greetings, confident speaking and a charming tone can do a world of good for you.

One needs to understand that telephonic interview is just the preliminary round and many more rounds will be followed. Hence, there is nothing to panic at this stage. It is just the first step of the ladder towards success.



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