How COVID 19 has changed the Hiring Trend Offline Hiring to Online Recruitment

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How COVID-19 has changed the Hiring Trend: Offline Hiring to Online Recruitment

COVID-19 has undoubtedly laid an impact on all trades of life. Life these days has completely changed. Now is a time that people sometimes poked saying “TechLife”. It’s all getting true for some reason.

From people losing jobs to looking for new jobs, the trends have changed.

The other day I was speaking with one of my old friends and we realised that employees don’t seem to have a choice these days. There’s a famous saying that I would like to quote here, “Beggars can’t be choosers”. Why? Because we all know that we are somewhere in that situation where job limitation is a crucial stigma.

I remember a time when we used to threaten our bosses for leaving a particular job over a price hike. Relatable! Isn’t it? 


Can we do that now? Are we allowed to take that chance of resigning amid COVID-19? The answer in most cases will be a big NO. We know the market conditions. Who doesn’t want an increased paycheck at the end of the month?


Let’s talk about the effects of COVID-19 on jobs today. Also, how has the pandemic changed the Hiring Trend. We will also talk about solutions to the problems (at least we will try to figure them out).


Effect of COVID-19 on jobs

Be it educational jobs, engineering jobs or any other job; last year had been really rough for a lot of people.

There were some, who lost their jobs; some who got less salaries and also, a few who didn’t get their salaries at all. This friction led people to switch their respective jobs.

 On one hand, Healthcare has been at its peak since last year, and on the other hand, industries like Hospitality, Travel, Finance etc. have all seen a downfall. Though they have recovered a little.

There was a huge demand for Healthcare personnel in the last year. Whereas employees of the hospitality sector were stranded in the middle without jobs.


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Not going deep into this, let’s move on to talk about the change in the hiring trend.


Change in Hiring Trend

Ever since the lockdown happened, everything moved online. Though the offices started to open in phases, the capacity was limited. People started working from home and the rest is history.

This has led to a significant change in the recruitment trend or how the recruiters recruit these days.

Unlike earlier when recruitment happened with several rounds of interaction that included :

  • Group Discussions

  • Assignments (in some cases)

  • Interaction with the HR

  • Interaction with the respective Department Manager

  • Interaction with the Department Head

  • Negotiations

  • Final Interaction with the HR

The new phase of recruitment is a little different. The classic way of recruiting had everything face to face, in person whereas the new trend is all about digital recruitment.


First, let's just chalk down the latest process of Recruitment


The New Normal in Hiring Trend

According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, about 35% of the Human Resource Personnel think that AI is the latest trend and does help a lot in recruiting talent.


Want to know how it works? Read ahead.


  1. Sourcing

Finding the potential talent is a task. This process of finding the right fit is called Sourcing.

AI has simplified this process in many ways. Earlier there used to be piles of resumes at the recruiter’s desk, this pile has been taken over by various websites and agencies who source the candidates to them.

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The sourcing can be done for any job. Education jobs, School jobs or also for candidates who have cleared IIT-JEE or NEET and want to work.


  1. Screening

Next comes the screening. Here, all the entries are screened with various filters available to find the potential candidates for the job. AI is at the rescue here.

It is next to impossible for a human to check hundreds and thousands of resumes personally to find out the best fit.

  1. Assessment

There are certain companies who also have started to adopt this method of screening where they send a pre-designed questionnaire to the candidates to be filled in a given period of time. The responses so generated are automatically checked with the help of AI.

Other Than that there are other ways of assessing a candidate too. It could be over a phone call, giving them some assignment or even looking at their past work for that matter.

This is completely a choice of the employer.

  1. Interview

Then comes the most interesting part of the recruitment process where an interview is scheduled. Mind you, this is over the internet!

The face to face interview has been replaced with the virtual interview.

Nevertheless, the recruiters find it way easier and more comfortable than the old school process. While there are still some candidates who wait for the face to face interview.

There are certain Interview Softwares also launched in the market that help in the overall recruitment process.

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Benefits of latest Recruitment Trend

  1. It has become easier for the employees to reach the desired talent for recruitment.

  2. This new process is less time-consuming.

  3. Recruiters don’t just rely on the piece of paper that you present as a Resume’ or a CV. They look over all the aspects while selecting.

  4. People from two different time zones can also interact. This is mostly in the cases when your job allows you to work from home completely and you need not visit the office.

  5. Safety is the key here. Everything being virtual, there is no risk of virus transmission between the two.

  6. The hassle of accommodating the job seekers is no more pain for the Human Resource Personnel with the latest Recruitment Trend.

  7. Not much of an infrastructural requirement needs to be fulfilled.

  8. The communication can be as per the need and requirement, unlike the old school selection methods which are time-bound.

  9. A better understanding of the candidate can be done as compared to that in the offline recruitment process. The body language, hand movements, gestures; all can be done and seen in a repeated mode.

  10. This way of recruitment also gives an insight of how well the candidate is versed with the technology.

Prerequisites for Online Recruitment Process

While appearing for an Online Interview, a candidate should keep some key points in mind. This is applicable for all jobs, even school jobs.

  1. Always keep the background clear and not distractive. If the background is distractive, the attention is diverted and the whole recruitment process is not justified.

  2. Make sure you sit in a quiet and calm place during the interview process. Any unwanted noises are a complete lack of preparation.

  3. Dress your best. I know today is a scenario when the upper half of the body is dressed in all formals and the lower half of the body is in casuals. To put it in a better way, we are usually in shorts or comfy PJ’s while most of the video calls online. Make sure not to do that while in an interview. Maintain the sanity of the whole process just like we normally do in an offline interview process.

  4. Prepare yourself well in advance. This preparation also includes the internet stability check and background and noise check. Any fumble is non-appropriate.



Though COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in our lives, in a way it has brought us closer to mankind and self-awareness.

There have been changes in the Recruitment process lately. Like everything else, recruitment also shifted online. Looking for a job is (in my opinion) easier than before. You have access to an indefinite network that will someday or the other, land you in a good position.

Looks like our Prime Minister’s dream has finally come true where he laid a motto of “Digital Bharat”.


Let us know what topics you want us to talk about.


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